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Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program is a collaborative effort created to offer opportunities to learn new skills, stay active, meet new people, and get creative juices flowing. 

This program would not be possible without the dedication of people willing to serve Wrangell! 


Garden Bed

In an effort to maintain the "bump-out' garden beds, we are hoping to rally individuals, families, groups, organizations or businesses that are interested in adopting a garden bed in an effort to ensure our downtown corridor looks fantastic.

Adopt-A-Garden is a program through which volunteers care for a municipality-managed garden bed to help beautify Wrangell and make the city a more vibrant and welcoming place for residents and summer visitors.

Why volunteer?
Planting and growing season in Wrangell generally happens between April and September, when everyone is pumped to work with plants and flowers. The summer months are a great time to get caught up in the outdoor vibe of Wrangell, and the Adopt-A-Garden program offers volunteers the chance to get outdoors and give back to the community.

Who can adopt a garden bed?
Volunteers are groups, organizations, individuals and families of all ages who share a common interest in beautifying Wrangell and showcasing why our community is so darn special.

What are my responsibilities?
We ask that our Adopt-A-Garden volunteers perform basic garden maintenance tasks including trimming shrubs, weeding, and deadheading at least once per month. We ask that the original shrubs and bushes remain intact, and that flowers are kept to a minimum, as most of the downtown garden beds do not have access to water. Please refrain from installing garden decorations, plastic items, etc. in order to avoid visual obstruction for motorists.

There are currently nine garden beds available for adoption!

How can I get involved?
Connect with the P&R team, letting them know you'd like to help keep Wrangell beautiful. Call us at 907-874-2444 or email Lucy Robinson at

Diane O'Brien, parent to garden bed on the corner by Prism Optical/Canoe Lagoon Oysters.
Georgia Selfridge, parent to the garden beds across the street from Rayme's Bar and the planting pots by 56 North.
Nancy Delparo, parent to the garden beds on the corner by the Stikine Inn/Angermans and the dental clinic.