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Canoe and Kayak Storage


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Facility Information

Shoemaker Bay Harbor Parking Lot
Wrangell, AK 99929
Phone: (907) 874-2444

Kayak Storage Rack
Enjoy the convenience of storing your canoe or kayak next to a vessel launch. Our storage rack is outdoors and covered with clear polycarbonate roof panels.

Storage Costs
$10/month or $100/year
  • Prices are per rack space.  One rack space can usually accommodate one canoe, a double kayak, or two single kayaks.
  • The per-year rate is available only to those who pay the full amount in advance.

How to obtain a storage rack spot
If space is available, you can purchase a long/short term storage slip, or be put on a waiting list.  
  • Purchase a rental permit sticker by visiting the Parks & Rec office at the Pool.  Place permit sticker on your boat on the side, where is will be visible for inspection.
  • Place your boat in your assigned slip on the boat storage rack.

Boat Storage Rules
The property shall be used solely for personal use for storage of canoes and kayaks and for related equipment supplies and for no other purpose including, but not limited to, business usage.  Hazardous and/or flammable materials may not be stored in the rental storage unit.  No more than two (2) separate storage racks may be granted under any single renter.
  1. Storage racks are for watercraft only, no other personal property may be stored without permission.
  2. Current rental permit sticker must be securely affixed to the watercraft's side and visible for inspection purposes.
  3. Your boat(s) must be stored in a manner that does not interfere with other storage rack users or the general public. Watercraft must be contained wholly within the assigned slip and must not impede access to other slips.
  4. The security of boat and equipment is the sole responsibility of the boat owner. Wrangell Parks & Recreation is not responsible for damaged or stolen boats and equipment. Renter must provide their own locking device.  The City & Borough of Wrangell accepts no liability for damage to, or security of, Renter’s property. It is mandatory that your craft be secured by your own device to the assigned rack at BOTH the front and the rear. This is to prevent the possibility of the canoe/kayak coming loose during high winds.  When this occurs, damage to other canoes/kayaks could be considered the liability of the renter who failed to have his canoe/kayak secured at both ends. 
  5. Paddles and oars may be stored on-site but must be secured to the rack within the renter’s slip space. All other equipment must either be removed or stored inside the boat.
  6. Area around the storage rack must be kept clean and orderly.Renters will not alter the slips, rack or fixtures.
  7. Any damage or theft should be reported to Wrangell Parks & Rec immediately.
  8. Watercraft must be removed prior to the expiration of the period of the rental agreement.
  9. Water craft found in violation may be removed by Parks & Rec staff. Fees for removal and storage may be assessed.
  10. There will be no refunds of a canoe/kayak rack rental fee.
  11. Canoe/kayak rack rentals will not be ongoing from season to season. All applicants must reapply each year, with priority given to returning renters. Forms will be forwarded to renters on file, as well as to new applicants who request the information. 
  12. **SPECIAL NOTICE** Canoes and kayaks still in slips after rental term’s expiration may be impounded. A minimum service charge of $50 will be required for property owners to reclaim their craft.  Also, in order to provide protected storage space, such impounded crafts will include a minimum fee of $50 per month that their craft is impounded.

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