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Shoemaker Bay Recreational Area


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Shoemaker Bay Recreational Area
Shoemaker Park Shelter

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Facility Information

Wrangell, AK 99929

General Information
  • Shoemaker Park is located approximately five miles south of downtown along Zimovia Highway.
  • The park is a waterfront park with scenic views of the inside waters and surrounding islands. The grounds include a children's playground and an enclosed basketball court. 
  • The park has one covered shelter, with a fire place and picnic tables.
  • Please fill out the rentals and reservations form to reserve use of the covered shelters.
  • Tent camping is allowed in the adjacent green space (north of the creek)on a 48-hour basis only and there are restroom facilities available.
  • For questions please call 907-874-2444.

Reservations, Rentals and Refunds
  • Parks & Recreation Shelters are available from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted. Overnight camping is not allowed within the shelters.
  • Shelters may be reserved daily (or weekly, with Director’s prior approval), year-round.
  • Reservations should be made at least one day prior to date of shelter use. Payment is due at the time of request.
  • Refunds will only be given if notification is received at least seven days prior to the reserved date.
  • Balls, nets, horseshoes, and other assorted recreational equipment may be obtained for use with an additional fee. Rental and pick-up of equipment arrangements can be made by contacting the Parks & Rec office at 907-874-2444.
  • Bundles of wood are available for $5 per bundle. Pick-up of wood can be made by contacting the Parks & Rec office at 907-874-2444.

Use and Activities
  • PLEASE leave the area clean and Litter-Free! Receptacles are provided for a limited amount of garbage.  Carry out what receptacles will not accommodate.
  • Groups greater than 50 people are required to rent a dumpster from the Public Works Department.
  • No person shall operate a motor vehicle within any recreation area, except on the roadways/parking areas designated for such use.
  • Electricity is available at Shoemaker Park Shelter, City Park Shelter 2, and at the Covered Basketball Court. Outlets are on one circuit of 20-amp 120 volt service (approx. 2400 watts).  Read the watt use ratings on your appliance  If they add up to greater than 2400 watts, the breaker may be tripped.
  • Shelter fire, fireplaces, grills. Contain and control fires within fireplaces/grills. Make certain your fire is completely extinguished before leaving.  Wood is available for a small fee upon request.  Never burn treated wood or plastics.  No open pit bonfire burning.  Charcoal coals and grease must not be dumped in the park or in park trash cans.  Please remove and dispose of coals and grease from the premises.
  • Please DO NOT nail or staple into picnic tables, benches, or shelter structures. Rusted nails and sharp staples create a hazard for you and other use
  • No amplified sounds permitted.
  • Please bring your copy of the reservation receipt, issued by the P&R office, to your event. If anyone refuses to leave the shelter during your rental period, please call the Wrangell Police Department for assistance.
  • The misuse of the facility or failure to conform to the rules of this permit will be sufficient reason for denying future facility rental.

Waiver & Release
I agree to hold the City & Borough of Wrangell, including its employees, volunteers, and insurers, with respect to any action, claim, or lawsuit arising out of or related to injury or damage to persons or property suffered in connection with the Permittee’s activities unless such injury or damage is caused by the gross negligence of the City & Borough of Wrangell.
I certify the information contained in this application is true to the best of my knowledge.  As Permittee’s representative, I hereby agree to take responsibility to inform and assure that all group members follow the above Rules of this reservation.

Facility Fee Schedule
RV Park and Shelters Per Shelter $15 <3hr and $30 >3hr
  Non Electric $20.00/day
  Electric $30.00/day

Fee Schedule
Park Shelter Reservation Fees are: $15 for up to 3 hours / $30 for over 3 hours.

Facility Areas

Reservations & Activities

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