City of Wrangell Parks and Recreation
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2023-2025 Strategic Plan, Objectives and Goals (approved February 2023)

January 2023- December 2025
Approved by the Advisory Board February 2023

Wrangell parks and recreation department’s mission is to support active and healthy lifestyles by providing a variety of quality programs, activities, facilities, and parks.

Overview & Introduction
This plan is intended to act as a guideline for operations for one to three years and should be reviewed at the end of each calendar year, prior to developing the Parks & Recreation budget for the following fiscal year. The Parks & Recreation Director shall inform the Assembly, Administration, Advisory Board, department employees and the public of progress made towards the goals and objectives, outlined in written reports.

Goals and objectives may be modified after careful consideration and evaluation of the department’s priorities, capacity, and community trends. Changes to the goals and objectives shall be reviewed and approved by the Advisory Board and published publicly.

The goals and objectives act as the strategic trajectory of the department, whereas the action items create the framework for the annual work plan. Additional responsibilities of the department are outlined in job descriptions, program policies, maintenance schedules and other formal documents.


Permanent Positions (to be updated)

Parks & Recreation Director, Lucy Robinson
Recreation Coordinator, TBD
Facility Maintenance, Lane Fitzjarrald

Temporary Part Time Positions

  • Head Lifeguards
  • Lifeguards
  • Recreation Assistant I
  • Recreation Assistant II
  • Parks Maintenance I
  • Parks Maintenance II
Recreation facility & swimming pool
Main office
Racquetball & wallyball court
Weight room & cardio equipment
Locker rooms
Community Center
Multipurpose room
Kitchen (permitted)
Sunset Gardens (upper)
Memorial (lower)
City Park
Park & shelters
Community garden
Volunteer Park
Multipurpose fields
Volleyball court
Nature trail
Running track
Covered basketball court
Shoemaker Recreation Site
Park & shelter
Tennis & basketball
Tent camping
RV park
Downtown & Surrounding
Waterfront greenspace
Kyle Angerman Playground
Petroglyph Beach
Mount Dewey trail & extension


Mission: To provide a clean, safe swimming pool and aquatic environment with recreational swimming programs, public swimming, and scheduled events.

Vision: Everyone in Wrangell learns how to swim and enjoys being in the water.

Objective #1: Be the preferred employer for youth in town.
Goal #1: Facilitate lifeguard and swim instructor certification courses on a bi-annual basis. 
Goal #2: Offer Junior Lifeguard Program to middle school students as a semester based elective class.
Goal #3: Host Middle School and High School physical education students at the Swimming Pool.

Objective #2: Provide opportunities for residents to learn to how to swim.
Goal #1: Offer summer swim lessons and camps for youth of varying levels. 
Goal #2: Offer swim lessons to the 2nd and 3rd grade class in the spring and fall. 
Goal #3: Offer adult swim lessons during the month of April (National Learn to Swim Month).

Objective #3: Recruit and retain top quality lifeguards.
Goal #1: Host quarterly in-services for all staff to increase engagement and training opportunities.
Goal #2: Facilitate training opportunities for staff with the Wrangell Fire Department.
Goal #3: Support youth water sports such as the Wrangell Swim Club and High School Swim team.  


Mission: To create community through a wide range of active and passive recreational programs for residents and visitors of all ages, interests, and abilities.

Vision: All families and friend groups prioritize recreation as their primary form of social engagement.

Objective #1: Encourage family and community recreation.
Goal #1: Host family activities in the gymnasium through the help of community volunteers. 
Goal #2: Support community events, such as the fourth of July, by offering activities and equipment.
Goal #3: Offer summer concert series byway of community sponsorships and donations.

Objective #2: Promote physical fitness and education for all ages.
Goal #1: Create and publish video recording of weight room orientation and etiquette for new users.
Goal #2: Provide strength and mobility education and opportunities for adults and senior.
Goal #3: Offer youth strength and conditioning program for middle and high school students.

Objective #3: Build a foundation of skills among youth in Wrangell’s core sports; running, wrestling, basketball, and volleyball.
Goals #1: Build and strengthen volunteer groups to assist with facilitating youth sports.
Goals #2: Empower high school athletes to assist with sports activities.
Goals #3: Host sports skills camps for youth focused on fundamentals.


Mission: To encourage outdoor recreation in safe places, facilities and programs which promote physical, mental, and social activities. 

Vision: All residents visit parks and trails on a regular basis and are stewards of the land.

Objective #1: Build skilled volunteer groups to help maintain parks and trails.
Goal #1: Work with USFS to host skilled volunteer work groups.
Goal #2: Promote stewardship in parks by hosting school group outdoor cleanup activities. 
Goal #3: Facilitate community wide outdoor work events in the spring and summer.  
Objective #2: Improve facilities for all ages and user groups.
Goal #1: Improve the outdoor shooting range and build partnerships to assist with ongoing maintenance.
Goal #2: Fundraise and solicit grants for playground improvements.
Goal #3:
Safely re-open City Park with completed improvements to the main shelter.

Objective #3: Become a model for the community in maintaining pristine outdoor facilities.
Goal #1: Complete improvements to the Shoemaker Bay Recreation site.
Goal #2: Develop and implement the adopt-a-garden program to help maintain downtown bump outs.

Goal #3: Increase public education regarding pets in parks and improve waste stream.

Mission: To promote the development and sustainability of staff, programs, activities, facilities and parks through advocacy and financial support.

Vision:  Parks & Recreation is a role model in creating a positive and productive workplace culture within the Borough and Community.

Objective #1: Efficiently allocate staff and financial resources.
Goal #1: Conduct annual review of program and facility fee schedules. 
Goal #2: Increase sponsorships, donations, and grant funding and internally track expenditures.
Goal #3: Promote use of facilities and schedule activities in a fair and equitable way.
Goal #4: Develop a cost recovery spreadsheet to properly price programs for the intended cost benefit. Goal #5: Recruit and hire temporary staff on a schedule. Onboard and train staff in small groups.

Objective #2: Enhance partnerships with supporting agencies and user groups.
Goal #1: Meet with School Teacher and Parent Committee quarterly.
Goal #2: Invite partners to engage in Annual Planning Workshops.
Goal #3: Routinely seek feedback from stakeholders and user groups.
Goal #4: Develop written agreements with user groups.

Objective #3: Communicate mission and goals with stakeholders and community members.
Goal #1: Publish quarterly newsletter and program schedule.
Goal #2: Inform all department staff of the mission, core values and goals of the department.
Goal #3: Review policies on a schedule and relay information to staff and users as necessary.  
Objective #4: Improve workplace conditions for all employees.
Goal #1: Review job descriptions and revise and approve as necessary.
Goal #2: Reclassify Custodian Light Maintenance Position at a higher grade.
Goal #3:
Revise and approve increase to temporary part time employee wages.


Mission and duties: The Parks and Recreation board shall study the recreational needs of the people of the borough and shall make such recommendations relating to parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities in relation to public recreational programs and activities to the director of the parks, recreation and youth services, the mayor and the assembly, as it deems desirable. Chapter 3.52 of the Wrangell Municipal Code.

Vision: Board members are motivated to achieve the task-oriented action of the department and are fully engaged in monthly meetings.

Objective #1: Board members are educated in the functions of open meetings.
Goal #1: Newly appointed board members are provided with an outline of parliamentary procedures.
Goal #2: The Director and all board members attend annual parliamentary training. 

Objective #2: Board members are informed of the goals and actions of the department.
Goal #1: Board members participate in an annual retreat to review the goals and annual plans of the department.
Goal #2: New board members are given a packet of information to include the strategic plan, meeting calendar, agendas & minutes from the past three meetings, and an annual calendar of activities and events.

Objective #3: Board members support activities and events hosted by the department.
Goal #1: Board members volunteer their time to assist with 2-3 events annually.
Goal #2: Board members assist with annual fundraising and sponsorship efforts.


Mission: To preserve and maintain facilities through preventative maintenance and proper future planning.
Vision: Parks & Recreation facilities are aesthetically pleasing-comfortable places for the community to enjoy.
Objective #1: Maintain accurate records of policies and procedures.
Goal #1: Update data base of equipment and system manuals.
Goal #2: Retain safety data sheets for all materials used past and present.
Goal #3: File and retain technical data sheets for all products.
Goal #3: Develop, review and implement maintenance operations procedures.
Objective #2: Ensure staff have adequate training for all aspects of their position.
Goal #1: Conduct annual medical examinations and fit tests for staff using respiratory protection.
Goal #2: Assign training courses to staff on a quarterly basis to improve workplace safety.
Goal #3: Meet with staff and review policies and procedures prior to executing special projects.

Objective #3: Complete and track progress on preventative and corrective maintenance tasks.

Goal #1: Review and update master spreadsheet of annual preventative and corrective maintenance and projects.
Goal #2: Utilize Dude Solutions to document and track preventative and corrective maintenance.

Goal #3: Complete required reports for retention; water chemistry, water meter, motor and pump meters.
Goal #4: Maintain standards to pass DEC pool sanitation inspection annually.
Goal #5: Complete quarterly inventory and order necessary supplies.

Capital & Major Maintenance Projects
Projects in this category are funded and scheduled for construction in FY23 & FY24
  1. Pool siding & brick replacement
  2. HVAC design, digital controls & mechanical upgrades
  3. Non-motorized trail extension (Mount Dewey)
  4. City Park fireplace replacement (main shelter)
  5. City Park shelter construction (shelter #3 demolished by storm)
Capital & Major Maintenance Projects
Projects in this category have been identified and are not funded or scheduled at this time.
  1. Swimming Pool EPDM flat roof replacement
  2. Recoat Metal Roof and Reline Internal Gutter of the Swimming Pool
  3. Swimming Pool Locker Replacement
  4. Swimming Pool Water Distribution Pipe Lining
  5. Swimming Pool Basin Lining
  6. Community Center Life and Safety Upgrades
  7. Community Center Renovations
  8. Sidewalk and Church Street Parking Lot Repairs
  9. Non-Motorized Trail Extension, Phase II
  10. Kyle Angerman Playground Improvements
  11. Petroglyph Beach Bathroom and Platform Improvements
  12. Shoemaker Bay Park Improvements
  13. City Park Playground Improvements
  14. Volunteer Park Ball Field Improvements